Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Menu RE-Design

The old menus were falling apart, so I did a total re-design. Now the menu is sleek and streamlined and fits so well (it's at the bottom of this post, click on it to make it big). Prices are the same, except for coffee which went up to 2 bucks (stumptown is worth it). Sadly, the Veggie Shepherd's Pie has bitten the dust :( Veggie isn't a real word anyways.

Coming Up:
Last Tuesday Trivia: July 28th at 9 pm.
Bring a team of 5, yer brain, and cursory knowledge of current events.

Welcome Home Jicks Party: T.B.A.
The Jicks are going down to Cali for a week of shows, and will want to see all their friends when they return. Come down and request "Old Jerry."

Overlook Village Celebration: August 1st ...starting at noon.
Mike and I are opening early to meet new faces. We'll be grilling, serving Overlook Party Punch, hanging out with the Blend Crew and the rest of LoKi (lower killingsworth, yo). See you there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

North Portland is the Best.

Tuesday night, I made this ad for the Mercury's Guide to North Portland. Thanks to Jessica for graciously finishing the Snoopy pictured here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gay Pride Portland-Wide

Portland Mayor Sam Adams came on down to the Sagittarius to celebrate the final hours of Pride Weekend with an Astro Burger at one of our outside tables last night. His cute companion ordered the Gay Mannequin (Campari, Tanqueray, Grapefruit Juice), but Sam just rocked the old Cape Cod. Wethinks he must live in the neighborhood and we appreciate his support of local independent businesses!

Happy Hour
reigns all night tonight, as it is Monday.
Don't forget, the next Trivia Night is Tuesday, June 30th.

Tonight's Drink Special: The BLOODLESS MARTINI
It is tomato vodka that I infused myself, a few shakes of tabasco, a shake of worcestershire, and a some lemon juice served up for five bucks, except tonight, it will be just $4.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Hour All Night Long

is happy at Sagittarius from open to close. That means that microbrew pints and well drinks are only $3 all night. Plus, all booze is a buck cheaper. So, to review: outside tables, inside air-conditioning, food specials, $1.50 Iron City tall stubbies, $7 PBR pitchers, and a better Monday.

Tonight's Drink Special: GINGER COOLER: house-infused ginger vodka, stoli vanil, lemon juice, and gingerale over ice in a tall glass. It's five bucks....but since it's happy monday, make that $4. Sweet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

News -n- Stuff

Scraps of News:

The Jalapeno-Cheddar burger we are rocking on special makes my eyes melt, but it comes with Bob's kick-ass potato salad to temper things a bit. However, this photo is of Lizzy Labradoodle, successfully completing the Wilky's Comet Challenge. Zombie Eyes not included.

Let's see:

Our fair Carly got into nursing school at Linfield, so she will continue to study various body parts and functions in between making your drinks. Congratulate her when you see her next.

This week, we prepare for a regular Parent Summit with visits from my mom and her husband, Budd, and both the doctors Clark. Our house is going to be full up.

The Jicks, Mike's band, are headlining their first show in a few months at the Doug Fir this Friday. It is fairly short notice, so it's not sold out yet. Word is there will be several new songs and even some debuts and maybe a secret guest appearance. The matrix recordings from the last Doug Fir show are special and shivery, so I am not going to miss this. I will be the one with two sets of parents all holding their ears.

Drink Special right now: Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade for $5.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

PUSH!...don't PULL.

Sometimes people are mystified by our door. Although we understand the natural tendency we all have to pull open double doors, ours are clearly marked with a big 'PUSH' sticker. I even try to pull the door open sometimes; I ain't immune to these things. Once in a while though, someone will try to pull the doors, get frustrated when they don't open, and give up. This can happen when the A-Board sign is out, the outside tables are set up, the neon 'open' sign is on, and we are in here, waiting on other customers. It is one of the mysteries of life. I am hoping these people can find their way through the doors of some other establishment to feed themselves. huh.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Comfort Food in Uncertain Times

"...that pot pie was so good that it made me forget that the guy I was dating wants to sleep with men, and not me..."

Well, if that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is!

It's true, the chicken pot pie we have on the menu is creamy hearty goodness. The Veggie Shepherd's Pie is also outstanding; the tofu in there packs extra oomph. Really, I don't know how, but our menu has evolved into a lovingly appointed list of the greatest comfort foods I would want to eat if I were ever to have the time to go out again. It is truly delightful to serve food that makes people so satisfied, especially when they give me comments like the above: that woman, who shall remain anonymous, even said that I could quote her on that. (Her companion said she wouldn't be suprised to see the quote in one of our Mercury ads).